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We are also seeking In-Kind Donations of items, and resources that will help us provide to people that are in need of assistance. All In-Kind Donations will be given a Donation Itemization letter for your End of Year Accounting purposes.

We are seeking to be very effective in the community to promote healing, change, and restoration through service and love to all; regardless of their background and personal situation, we want to make a difference. This is our passion and mission.
Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) Faith-based Christian organization with the desire and purpose to reach far into the communities to provide help to combat hunger, domestic violence, and teen mentoring.

In addition to this purpose; we provide counseling to young adults and adults regarding the overall health and well-being of everyday life situations. This is accomplished by incorporating short term soul care counseling, and pastoral counseling to help families, single parents, teen parents, and organizations to build a support network of love and empowerment through biblical principles.
Fellowship & Small Group
The Mission
To provide short-term or long-term care and support to people who need their economical and spiritual needs met in order to improve the quality of life and understanding of their purpose.
Our project scope includes the ability to maintain a physical presence with the community to establish that we have a heart for the people and that we care. This will be communicated by establishing a firm and lasting outreach connection with leaders, businesses, and clergy in the communities; to offer our services and resources to meet the needs of people where identified.
"Inspiring Souls
and Removing the Mask"
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A message that speaks to the hearts of young adult women to not settle for companionship because of loneliness and past rejections.
The Passion, that is exhibited, is a passion that outlines the struggle; while transitioning into independence after a divorce. The Thorns are, learning how to find yourself by loving yourself after you have identified that you need God to guide you.
Small Groups are a designed for the purpose of connecting with people who believe and understand that talking, networking and supporting others helps. We also discuss and engage in pertinent conversations regarding life, love, and overall well-being.

Join us for a fun-filled time of fun, laughter, enrichment,and an awesome opportunity to meet new people!
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