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The message of this book is a book of poetry and inspirations that also gives the reader a life application approach to why the poetry was written and the life application behind it. Each level of the poem guides the reader to think objectively of themselves and how great it is to know that God loves them.
The message is to speak to the hearts of young adult women to not settle for companionship because of loneliness and past rejections. The Passion that is exhibited is a passion that outlines the struggle while transitioning into independence after a divorce; also, learning how to find yourself by loving yourself after you have identified that you need God to guide you.
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Praying to know Him; Praying from my soul gives an astounding insight into understanding the power of prayer. It also gives additional meaning into how a person starts to commit themselves toward building a personal relationship with Christ through prayer. Each chapter expounds upon the experiences and facts that a person must endure uncommon situations in order to ultimately find salvation and peace in Christ.
The testimony of Thomas E. Walker. While struggling as a teen parent and a man; He encountered situations that nearly cost him all that he had. The troubles he encountered and his accomplishments shaped him as a man in need of serious help. He struggled with understanding the value of true love, hate, the fear of rejection, and hope. But his steps were already carved out for him; now all he had to do is complete the journey.
The message of Rhythm of Rage is that everyone who has experienced abuse whether domestic or sexual abuse live behind a mask that hides the hurt, shame and depression; and the mask is sometimes hard to remove when we are trying to suppress and oppress others. However, by seeking God to give us a heart to forgive those and ultimately forgive our selves; we can then begin the healing process. It is only when we reach out for help and forgiveness can we begin to experience peace.
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Now is the Time to Believe provides each reader with a different approach to understanding who God is and why God loves us so much that He has continually extended mercy and grace to each of us so that we can re-connect with Him and our divine purpose by grace through faith. Now is the Time to Believe draws attention to questions regarding Salvation, faith, hope, liberty, and peace through the trials and experiences of our lives; so that an in-depth discussion can start, first internally; then externally in love.